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Contextulaising the play blood wedding Essay

Contextualizing the play: The social, social and verifiable setting of the play will be examined in some detail and the general significance of each as a factor in the composition, delivering and translation of the play will be thought of. Setting is the conditions and conditions which encompass the play. We can tell that the social, authentic and social setting all influenced Lorca and this underlined certain parts of â€Å"Blood Wedding†. The play has numerous references to social, social and recorded occasions and subjects. Frederico Garcia Lorca was conceived in a rustic foundation and this could have influenced the play. Lorca was conceived in Granada, Spain. Granada is situated close to Andalucia, where it is ventured to be set. We can tell this, as Lorca makes numerous references to scenes which are available in Andalucia, for example, the vineyards. These vineyards are in â€Å"Blood Wedding† just as vineyards being available in Andalucia. At college, Lorca met an acclaimed craftsman named Salvador Dali, which could have affected a portion of the pieces of â€Å"Blood Wedding†, for example, the strange scenes with the woodcutters and the moon. Likewise this could have impacted the utilization of the reminiscent juxtaposition of pictures. Around the hour of the composing â€Å"Blood Wedding†, the rising craftsmen Picasso and cubist specialists could have affected â€Å"Blood Wedding†. Picasso utilized imagery in their specialty and this could have motivated Lorca to utilize representative language in the play. In Spain, Lorca was limited to specific rules because of the legislative issues. This implied Lorca couldn't communicate as much as he may have preferred; and this could have influenced the manner in which Lorca needed to communicate. At that point the Spanish government changed and in this manner this permitted Lorca more opportunity to compose and make new writing, plays and workmanship. During this time, Lorca composed â€Å"Blood Wedding†. Lorca was impacted since early on by neighborhood expressions and once moved into another town, Lorca turned out to be progressively keen on expressions. At college, Lorca became companions with Luis Bunuel a craftsman. Numerous specialists have discovered that Bunuel could have impacted Lora’s fill in as Bunuel’s works of art turned into a significant enthusiasm of Lorca. This implies Lorca could have been impacted by the utilization of hues in Bunuel’s compositions, and this could have made Lorca depict hues in detail in stage settings. This impacts the composition of the play, as the crowd will pay more enthusiasm for the distinctive hues and there importance. This additionally features Lorcas emblematic utilization of hues, for example, act one, scene one where the stage bearings state ‘Room painted yellow’. This is representative as it could be interoperated that yellow speaks to splendor and the beginning of something new. At that point, Spain was a strict country and subsequently the solid Catholic perspectives, for example, severe marriage controls (no separation or infidelity); this could have been believed to reflect in â€Å"Blood Wedding† as the issue with Leonardo was viewed as disgraceful on the lady. Not long after â€Å"Blood Wedding† was composed, the Spanish common war happened. Ladies were viewed as ‘marriage tools’ to pick up resources during this time, and despite the fact that this happened after the play was composed, we can tell that Lorca had seen this happening and it reflected in his play. For example, there were mostly ladies in the play; this could mirror the significance of ladies at that point. It can likewise be found in Act one, where the mother and father talk about the trading of land when the couple are hitched. This shows Spain had solid marriage runs as it shows a rush between the guardians of what their youngster brings to the table. It was exceptional to not talk about what might be traded when two individuals got hitched, and Lorca communicated this in his play. Additionally in Spain at that point, individuals were starting to revolt and in 1936 General Franco, turned into another tyrant. This could be viewed as being reflected in the play as the lady of the hour was required to wed without wanting to, as her dad had picked her significant other for her. Lorca accepted that society was significant, and he accepted that society was the motivation behind why individuals don't do as they wish yet do as they should, and this could be reflected in how the lady doesn’t need to wed however is constrained. The lady of the hour is relied upon to wed somebody who has great monetary possibilities, as opposed to somebody who she really adores. From examination into Spanish customs it was accepted that ladies would wed somebody for their finical possibilities or land possession. Lorca was conceived in a town which was in the open country, and this could be believed to be reflected in â€Å"Blood Wedding† as there are numerous references to the open country. In Spain, there was a major accentuation on blossoms, and this could be believed to be reflected into â€Å"Blood Wedding† as there are numerous references to blossoms in the play and stage headings, for example, act one, scene two where ‘common flowers’ are introduced. Likewise, in â€Å"Blood Wedding† Lorca has just given one character a genuine name, this character is Leonardo. This could propose that Lorca considers this to be as significant or that different characters that have no particular name, is speaking to all the female figures in Spain or the world. Though Leonardo speaks to the fire and the enthusiasm that a man may have.

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Forward the Foundation Chapter 24

8 Like any scholarly person, Hari Seldon had utilized the Galactic Library uninhibitedly. Generally, it had been done significant distance through PC, yet every so often he had visited it, more to escape from the weights of the Psychohistory Project than for some other reason. Furthermore, for the recent years, since he had first figured his arrangement to discover others like Wanda, he had kept a hidden office there, so he could have prepared access to any of the Library's huge assortment of information. He had even leased a little condo in a contiguous division under the arch with the goal that he would have the option to stroll to the Library when his ever-expanding research there kept him from coming back to the Streeling Sector. Presently, be that as it may, his arrangement had taken on new measurements and he needed to meet Las Zenow. It was the first occasion when he had ever met him up close and personal. It was difficult to mastermind an individual meeting with the Chief Librarian of the Galactic Library. His own impression of the nature and estimation of his office was high and it was as often as possible said that when the Emperor wished to counsel the Chief Librarian, even he needed to visit the Library himself and hang tight. Seldon be that as it may, experienced no difficulty. Zenow realized him well, however he had never observed Hari Seldon face to face. â€Å"An respect, First Minister,† he said in welcome. Seldon grinned. â€Å"I trust you realize that I have not held that post in sixteen years.† â€Å"The respect of the title is as yet yours. In addition, sir, you were likewise instrumental in freeing us of the fierce standard of the junta. The junta, on various events, abused the hallowed guideline of the nonpartisanship of the Library.† (Ok, thought Seldon that represents the preparation with which he saw me.) â€Å"Merely rumor,† he said resoundingly. â€Å"And now, tell me,† said Zenow, who couldn't avoid a brief glance at the time band on his wrist, â€Å"what would i be able to accomplish for you?† â€Å"Chief Librarian,† started Seldon â€Å"I have not come to solicit anything simple from you. What I need is more space at the Library. I need authorization to acquire some of my partners. I need consent to attempt a long and expand program of the best importance.† Las Zenow's face brought into a demeanor of trouble. â€Å"You ask a lot. Would you be able to clarify the significance of all this?† â€Å"Yes. The Empire is presently disintegration.† There was a long delay. At that point Zenow stated, â€Å"I have known about your examination into psychohistory. I have been informed that your new science bears the guarantee of anticipating what's to come. Is it psychohistorical forecasts of which you are speaking?† â€Å"No. I have not yet arrived at the point in psychohistory where I can talk about the future with assurance. However, you needn't bother with psychohistory to realize that the Empire is breaking down. You can see the proof yourself.† Zenow murmured. â€Å"My work here devours me completely, Professor Seldon. I am a kid with regards to political and social matters.† â€Å"You may, in the event that you wish, counsel the data contained in the Library. Why check out this very office-it is stuffed with each possible kind of data from all through the whole Galactic Empire.† â€Å"I'm the last to stay aware of everything, I'm afraid,† Zenow stated, grinning tragically. â€Å"You know the old precept: The shoemaker's kid has no shoes. It appears to me, however, that the Empire is reestablished. We have an Emperor again.† â€Å"In name just, Chief Librarian. In the majority of the distant areas, the Emperor's name is referenced formally every so often, yet he assumes no job in what they do. The Outer Worlds control their own projects and, progressively significant, they control the nearby military, which are outside the hold of the Emperor's power. In the event that the Emperor were to attempt to apply his position anyplace outside the Inner Worlds, he would come up short. I question that it will take over twenty years, at the outside, before a portion of the Outer Worlds pronounce their independence.† Zenow murmured once more. â€Å"If you are correct, we live in more terrible occasions than the Empire has ever observed. In any case, what has this to do with your longing for more office space and extra staff here in the Library?† â€Å"If the Empire self-destructs, the Galactic Library may not get away from the general carnage.† â€Å"Oh, yet it must,† said Zenow genuinely. â€Å"There have been awful occasions previously and it has consistently been comprehended that the Galactic Library on Trantor, as the archive of all human information, must stay intact. Thus it will be in the future.† â€Å"It may not be. You said yourself that the junta damaged its neutrality.† â€Å"Not seriously.† â€Å"It may be increasingly genuine next time and we can't permit this store of all human information to be damaged.† â€Å"How will your expanded nearness here forestall that?† â€Å"It won't. Yet, the undertaking I am keen on will. I need to make an incredible Encyclopedia, containing inside it all the information humankind should reconstruct itself on the off chance that the most exceedingly awful happens-an Encyclopedia Galactica, maybe. We needn't bother with everything the Library has. A lot of it is unimportant. The common libraries dispersed over the Galaxy may themselves be crushed and, if not, everything except the most nearby information is acquired by automated association with the Galactic Library regardless. What I mean, at that point, is something that is completely autonomous and that contains, in as brief a structure as could be expected under the circumstances, the basic data humankind needs.† â€Å"And on the off chance that it, as well, is destroyed?† â€Å"I trust it won't be. It is my expectation to locate a world far away on the edges of the Galaxy, one where I can move my Encyclopedists and where they can work in harmony. Until such a spot is found, in any case, I need the core of the gathering to work here and to utilize the Library offices to choose what will be required for the project.† Zenow frowned. â€Å"I see your point, Professor Seldon, however I don't know that it very well may be done.† â€Å"Why not, Chief Librarian?† â€Å"Because being Chief Librarian doesn't make me a flat out ruler. I have a fairly enormous Board-a sort of governing body and kindly don't imagine that I can simply push your Encyclopedia Project through.† â€Å"I'm astonished.† â€Å"Don't be. I am not a mainstream Chief Librarian. The Board has been battling, for certain years now, for restricted access to the Library. I have stood up to. It nerves them that I have managed you your little office space.† â€Å"Limited access?† â€Å"Exactly. The thought is that on the off chance that anybody needs data, the individual in question must speak with a Librarian and the Librarian will get the data for the individual. The Board doesn't wish individuals to enter the Library openly and manage the PCs themselves. They state that the cost required to keep the PCs and other Library hardware fit as a fiddle is turning out to be prohibitive.† â€Å"But that is inconceivable. There's a millennial convention of an open Galactic Library.† â€Å"So there is, yet as of late, allotments to the Library have been cut a few times and we basically don't have the assets we used to have. It is getting extremely hard to keep our gear up to the mark.† Seldon scoured his jawline. â€Å"But if your apportionments are going down, I envision you need to cut pay rates and fire individuals or, in any event, not enlist new ones.† â€Å"You are actually right.† â€Å"In which case, by what means will you figure out how to put new works on a contracting work power by requesting that your kin acquire all the data that the open will request?† â€Å"The thought is that we won't discover all the data that the open will demand yet just those snippets of data that we consider important.† â€Å"So that not exclusively will you desert the open Library yet additionally the total Library?† â€Å"I'm apprehensive so.† â€Å"I can hardly imagine how any Librarian would need this.† â€Å"You don't know Gennaro Mummery, Professor Seldon.† At Seldon's empty look, Zenow proceeded. † ‘Who is he?' you wonder. The pioneer of that part of the Board that desires to shut off the Library. Increasingly more of the Board are his ally. In the event that I let you and your associates into the Library as a free power, various Board individuals who may not be Mummery's ally yet who are never going to budge against any control of any piece of the Library aside from by Librarians may choose to cast a ballot with him. What's more, all things considered, I will be compelled to leave as Chief Librarian.† â€Å"See here,† said Seldon with abrupt vitality. â€Å"All this business of conceivably shutting down the Library, of making it less open, of rejecting all data this business of declining allocations this is itself an indication of Imperial breaking down. Don't you agree?† â€Å"If you put it that way, you might be right.† â€Å"Then let me converse with the Board. Let me clarify what the future may hold and what I wish to do. Maybe I can convince them, as I trust I've convinced you.† Zenow thought for a second. â€Å"I'm ready to allow you to attempt, yet you should know ahead of time that your arrangement may not work.† €Å"i must take that risk. Kindly do whatever must be done and told me when and where I can meet the Board.† Seldon left Zenow in a disposition of anxiety. All that he had told the Chief Librarian was valid and paltry. The genuine explanation he required the utilization of the Library stayed covered up. Mostly this was on the grounds that he didn't yet observe that utilization obviously himself. 9 Hari Seldon sat at Yugo Amaryl's bedside-persistently, unfortunately. Yugo was absolutely spent. He was past clinical assistance, regardless of whether he would have agreed to benefit himself of such assistance, which he won't. He was just fifty-five. Seldon was himself sixty-six

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Propaganda Theory (spin Doctoring And Media Managment) Essay

Propaganda Theory (spin Doctoring And Media Managment) Essay Propaganda Theory (spin Doctoring And Media Managment) â€" Essay Example > 1.0. Introduction A number of researchers have attempted to define the word spin and settled on a common meaning of it as a verb that is used to denote the positive side of a given situation while avoiding the negative aspect by all means (Mittler, p102). Similarly, public relations view spin as a term used to describe highly biased and exaggerated information that presents the extremely positive aspect in favour of a given situation (Berger and Reber, p73). Propaganda on the other hand is government machinery filled with falsehoods in order to influence public and international opinion in support of its views and policies (Brady, p61). Spin doctoring is a term that has been there since the early 80s for use by the public relations officers to convince people that a given situation is significant through their diplomatic manipulations (Bowen, p34). Bowen (p46) further asserts that spin doctoring was additionally used to refer to “the political analysts who used their tactics to convince people to follow their corporate representatives”. As observed by David (p37), spin has been equated to a form of propaganda that is achieved through providing an interpretation of an event or campaign to persuade public opinion in favour or against a certain organization or public figure. From the foregoing, propaganda can therefore be taken as the aspect of using lies to deceive a competitor or a rival in a case involving psychological warfare (Tilley, p310). It further functions to protect its sources when the falsehood is exposed particularly by an enemy competitor. This is referred to as damage control and is the mandate of public relations department. The author in this essay intends to discuss the meaning of propaganda theory concentrating on the concepts of spin doctoring and media management. The essay is thus presented in a main body and a short conclusion to sum up the author’s arguments. 2.0. Spin doctoring and media management Published works show that th e first spin doctor was the father of public relations who is praised for having influenced the world in accepting otherwise antisocial behaviours like smoking and alcoholism into being more socially acceptable through his propagandist methods (David, p40). In later years, spin doctoring is reported by David (p43) to have been practised by Tony Blair and Alastair Campbell in their public relations portfolios between 1994 and 2003. Further reports indicate that modern day politics have been a haven of propaganda by the powers that be to convince the electorate to continue voting for them. This claim is strongly supported by reports showing Peter Mandelson and Alastair Campbell as been regarded as their governments spin doctors during their times (p45). In most cases, research has additionally illustrated that the information presented through propaganda is usually manipulated with a lot of exaggerations trying to emphasise on the most positive aspect of the situation under considera tion. This can be seen in tobacco companies when advertising and marketing their products. They will use enormous bill boards alight with bright neon lights to light pictures of men wearing cowboy hats without mentioning the negative aspect of the cigarettes. In view of this, spin doctors are found to be public relation officers in corporate world who work to win people’s loyalty towards their subjects or institutions (Bowen, p50). Their aim is therefore to steer the corporate sales towards set objectives through marketing their mission and ideas (p51).

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When Romes founder established the calendarHe determined thered be ten months in every year.You knew more about swords than stars, Romulus, surely,Since conquering neighbours was your chief concern.Yet theres a logic that might have possessed him,Caesar, and that might well justify his error.He held that the time it takes for a mothers wombTo produce a child, was sufficient for his year.Ovid Fasti Book 1, A. S. Kline translation The early Roman calendar had only 10 months, with December (Latin decem10) the last month of the year and March the first. The month we call July, the fifth month, was number-named Quintilis (Latin quin-5) until it was renamed Julius or Iulius for Julius Caesar. In The Pre-Caesarian Calendar: Facts and Reasonable Guesses, The Classical Journal, Vol. 40, No. 2 (Nov. 1944), pp. 65-76, 20th-century Classical scholar H.J. Rose explains the 10-month calendar: The earliest Romans of whom we have any knowledge did as many other peoples have done. They counted the moons during the interesting part of the year, when farmwork and fighting were going on, and then waited till the dull times of winter were over and the spring was fairly set in (as it is by March in those latitudes of Europe) to begin counting again. Februarius (February) was not part of the original (pre-Julian, Romulean) calendar, but was added (with a variable number of days), as the month preceding the beginning of the year. Sometimes there was an additional intercalary month. [See Intercalation. Also see: The Origin of the Pre-Julian Calendar, by Joseph Dwight; The Classical Journal, Vol. 41, No. 6 (Mar. 1946), pp. 273-275.] Februarius was a month for purification, as the Lupercalia festival suggests. Originally, Februarius may have had 23 days. In time, the calendar was standardized so that all 12 months had 29 or 31 days, except for Februarius which had 28. Later, Julius Caesar re-standardized the calendar to line up with the seasons. See Julian Calendar Reform. Source [URL] Bill Hollons Roman Calendar Page. Plutarch on the Calendar Here is a passage Plutarchs life of Numa Pompilius on the Roman calendar. Sections about the Roman month Februarius (February) are highlighted. He attempted, also, the formation of a calendar, not with absolute exactness, yet not without some scientific knowledge. During the reign of Romulus, they had let their months run on without any certain or equal term; some of them contained twenty days, others thirty-five, others more; they had no sort of knowledge of the inequality in the motions of the sun and moon; they only kept to the one rule that the whole course of the year contained three hundred and sixty days. Numa, calculating the difference between the lunar and the solar year at eleven days, for that the moon completed her anniversary course in three hundred and fifty-four days, and the sun in three hundred and sixty- five, to remedy this incongruity doubled the eleven days, and every other year added an intercalary month, to follow February, consisting of twenty-two days, and called by the Romans the month Mercedinus. This amendment, however, itself, in course of time, came to need other amendments. He also altered the order of the months; for March, which was reckoned the first, he put into the third place; and January, which was the eleventh, he made the first; and February, which was the twelfth and last, the second. Many will have it, that it was Numa, also, who added the two months of January and February; for in the beginning they had had a year of ten months; as there are barbarians who count only three; the Arcadians, in Greece, had but four; the Acarnanians, six. The Egyptian year at first, they say, was of one month; afterwards, of four; and so, though they live in the newest of all countries, they have the credit of being a more ancient nation than any; and reckon, in their genealogies, a prodigious number of years, counting months, that is, as years. That the Romans, at first, comprehended the whole year within ten, and not twelve months, plainly appears by the name of the last, December, meaning the tenth month; and that March was the first is likewise evident, for the fifth month af ter it was called Quintilis, and the sixth Sextilis, and so the rest; whereas, if January and February had, in this account, preceded March, Quintilis would have been fifth in name and seventh in reckoning. It was also natural, that March, dedicated to Mars, should be Romuluss first, and April, named from Venus, or Aphrodite, his second month; in it they sacrifice to Venus, and the women bathe on the calends, or first day of it, with myrtle garlands on their heads. But others, because of its being p and not ph, will not allow of the derivation of this word from Aphrodite, but say it is called April from aperio, Latin for to open, because that this month is high spring, and opens and discloses the buds and flowers. The next is called May, from Maia, the mother of Mercury, to whom it is sacred; then June follows, so called from Juno; some, however, derive them from the two ages, old and young, majores being their name for older, and juniores for younger men. To the other months they g ave denominations according to their order; so the fifth was called Quintilis, Sextilis the sixth, and the rest, September, October, November, and December. Afterwards Quintilis received the name of Julius, from Caesar who defeated Pompey; as also Sextilis that of Augustus, from the second Caesar, who had that title. Domitian, also, in imitation, gave the two other following months his own names, of Germanicus and Domitianus; but, on his being slain, they recovered their ancient denominations of September and October. The two last are the only ones that have kept their names throughout without any alteration. Of the months which were added or transposed in their order by Numa, February comes from februa; and is as much as Purification month; in it they make offerings to the dead, and celebrate the Lupercalia, which, in most points, resembles a purification. January was so called from Janus, and precedence given to it by Numa before March, which was dedicated to the god Mars; because , as I conceive, he wished to take every opportunity of intimating that the arts and studies of peace are to be preferred before those of war. Suggested Reading Why Rome FellNorse Story of CreationNaqsh-i-Rustam: The Tomb of Darius the Great

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Haiti Hope for a Better Life Essay - 1730 Words

Haiti is located in the Western Hemisphere below the equator. The country of Haiti is the western half of the island of Hispaniola in the Caribbean Sea. East of Haiti, sharing the same island, is the Dominican Republic. Haiti’s capital is Port-au-Prince. While Haiti is not a large country, its population is just over ten million people. The people of Haiti speak French and Haitian Creole, a form of French. Natural disasters have harmed the environment and the people in Haiti in recent years. Haiti has survived a lot of trauma, especially along the costal regions. The country has a long journey of recovery ahead while Haiti works through the ramifications of deforestation, earthquakes, and poor water systems. Haiti is the poorest country in†¦show more content†¦Yasmine Shamsie, the author of â€Å"Haiti’s Post-Earthquake Transformation: What of Agriculture and Rural Development?† writes: The†¦global food crisis, in 2008, caused Haiti’s food prices to spiral up, leading to severe hardship and political unrest. Agriculture and food security suddenly became central concerns. This was followed†¦by the 2010 earthquake, which devastated the country’s capital, producing a more powerful incentive to generate economic opportunities outside the metropolitan area of Port-au-Prince. (p. 134) Any government would find addressing a global food crisis in order to feed their people difficult. An earthquake is an event which challenges government leaders in any country. Any one of these events would be hard enough to handle by itself, but the people had an even harder time recovering because these events happened within two years of each other. The country did not have time to recover from the food crisis before dealing with the earthquake fallout. Natural resources or industries were needed to improve their situation. There was, and is, a great need to enhance economic opportunities for the people of Haiti. Creating products to export would ameliorate Haitian economy. Some products they currently export are coffee, vanilla, machetes, and souvenirs. Vendors in souvenir shops sell paintings on rocks, cigarettes, wall paintings, and clothing. The government regulates the exports which bring money into the country.Show MoreRelatedHaiti s Recovery After The Earthquake857 Words   |  4 Pages Haiti’s Recovery After The Earthquake Five years after the 7.0 magnitude earthquake, Haiti is rebuilding gradually. Haiti, being one of the poorest countries, was always in need of improvement but the 2010 earthquake added to their concerns. With over 300,000 lives lost, houses, school and businesses destroyed and family and friends mourning, the country had no hope. Haiti started receiving help immediately all over the world after the earthquake. Food, medication and tents were sent to the countryRead More Danticats The Farming of Bones and George Orwells Animal Farm1473 Words   |  6 PagesAtlantic Ocean and he named it Hispaniola. Hispaniola was inhabited by the Arawaks, and they were the ones responsible for later giving Haiti its name. Haiti soon became one of France’s most prosperous colonies in the America’s, and it also became one of the world’s leading chief coffee and sugar producers. Around the 18th century settlement began to expand here, and Haiti was settled by Creoles, slaves, Fre nchmen, and freed blacks. Around this time, the Haitian society was undergoing some tough timesRead MoreHuman trafficking in Haiti735 Words   |  3 PagesDespite the fact that there is some governmental action towards human trafficking, it still exists in Haiti at a high rate. There are many factors contributing towards the continued existence of human trafficking in the country of Haiti; there are local, as well as outside factors that have helped to increase it in the region. Some of the local factors are; poverty, unemployment, illiteracy and poor education, a history of physical and sexual abuse, homelessness, drug abuse, gang membership, andRead MoreThe Death Toll Of Haiti933 Words   |  4 PagesIt was typical late afternoon in Haiti capital of Port-au-Prince. People were strolling the streets, and local vendors were selling various goods at the Port-au-Prince historic Iron Market. Then at 4:53 pm on January 12, 2010 a 7.0 magnitude hit Haiti. Haiti had not seen a major ea rthquake like this in almost 200 years. People scrambled through the streets as the ground roared knocking down huge stone and brick building onto the streets of Port-au-Prince. An eyewitness describes the moment that theRead MoreCultural Diversity Project : Xavier Smith1382 Words   |  6 PagesThe first question I ask was â€Å"what is your full name and does it have a special meaning to it?† He told me that his full name is Xavier Smith and that his name is spelt differently in Haiti language, it is spelt Xaviur instead of the American way Xavier. I ask him why does he not use the spelling of the name from Haiti and he said that it is because people usually do not pronounce his name correctly the way how he say it people so, he just decide to go with the how his name is spelt in America. TheRead MoreIs The Public Bad Side Of Haiti?1602 Words   |  7 Pages Whenever you hear the word Haiti the first things that come to mind are poverty, corruption, earthquake, third wor ld country, political instabilities or sometimes danger zone. Haiti is known for their hardships, their downfalls and their catastrophes but never for their beauty. Who would when all the media does is show the public the bad side of Haiti? We cannot deny that those aspects of Haiti aren’t true but we can open our minds and go deeper to see Haiti for what it really is, for it’s historyRead MoreThe Lost Country : Haiti1572 Words   |  7 PagesThe Lost Country: Haiti The Caribbean country, Haiti, is known to be one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere. Despite the country’s wealth in natural resources, the people of Haiti have been plagued by decades of unstable government, corrupt leaders, and debilitating natural disasters. The small country was once known to be the wealthiest country in the West Indies. Dominated by its European oppressor, France, Haiti thrived in production during the slaving era. Haiti became globallyRead MoreEssay about Feed The Children710 Words   |  3 PagesCan you imagine getting attacked in your sleep by rats? Many child slaves in Haiti awake to such horrific conditions. Haitian children are often sent to live with wealthier or less poor relatives in return for food, shelter, education, and a better life in return for tasks performed. But many are forced into domestic slavery or restavek. Restavek is a common practice of Haitian society. Some as young as three are beaten, forced to do anythi ng asked, request nothing, speak only when spoken toRead MoreThe Struggle of the People of Haiti in Edwidge Danticats Novel Krik? Krak!1204 Words   |  5 PagesEdwidge Danticats novel Krik? Krak! reflects the struggling people of Haiti from the 1960’s to the 1990’s. Danticat, born in Haiti, grew up hearing stories about her homelands past. She learned about the hardships and struggles her elders went through in Haiti. Danticat composed nine short stories that reveal the unmasking truth of what it was like in the previous generations to keep the history of her home country alive. Within the characters in these stories, she describes the inequality, crueltyRead MoreHuman Rights Violations In Haiti Essay1402 Words   |  6 PagesHaiti is plagued by crime and chaos within its streets, homes, and even its government. There is widespread slavery, kidnapping, lack of security, lack of access to education, and police brutality. Children are taken into slavery at extremely young ages. As early as three years old children are beaten, forced to do anything asked, request nothing, speak only when spoken to, and display no emotion. They are forced to act like mindless robots and it becomes all they know since they are taken at such

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How might ‘Naturlism’ be defined within theatrical context Free Essays

How might ‘Naturalism’ be defined within theatrical contexts? Movement in theatre developed late 19th century, presenting ordinary life as accurately as possible, influenced by novelists and playwrights such as Ibsen and Emile Zola. The idea of naturalistic plays was to portray harsh and gritty subject matters, which would emphasize the wrongs in contemporary life which would often be frowned upon and alienate 19th-century audiences. However, by seeing the wrongs in society there is a believe that people will try and better themselves. We will write a custom essay sample on How might ‘Naturlism’ be defined within theatrical context or any similar topic only for you Order Now Naturalism existed only in it’s historical moments Theatre imitating life. Naturalism brought science into the game, with more electricity in theatres, removal of audience, putting them in the dark as if they were eavesdropping. Importance of everyday and ordinary. Potential tool for improving humanity by showing the wrongs. Brought in the fourth wall, analytical distance. extending the idea to the imaginary boundary between the audience and the stage. Character is more important than plot/action. The model of theatre as scientific ideas and the idea that human beings are distinguished by society, like showing the ubject as a product of social forces. Playing around with that idea, like Emile Zola did in his play â€Å"Miss Julie† dropping a high class girl into a test tube with a servant (lower class) of particular type/ character and see what happens. Playwrights tried to get as far away from the theatrical side of plays, by using techniques such as making real time and fictional time the same. It would always be very accurately documented, especially social detail. Lineage or Heredity always played a big part and were controlled by the environments which would explain the ehavior and status of the characters. Naturalism showed a slice of life as it really is, without putting up a show for the audience you see a gritty unpleasant side of life which pays very close attention to detail and behavior, often including battle of sexes, Heredity or Lineage and lots of psychological detail about why the characters are doing what they are doing taking their past and course through life to this point in time into consideration. Which leaves the audience to study the characters outside of what they see in front of them. Reveals the private side of life. Naturalism played a great role in later theatre evolving to Hypernaturalism and symbolism. Theatre of Naturalism will open up new perspectives for anyone interested in theory or theatre, whether scholars or the wider theatre-loving or performing public. Naturalism is a torm ot Realism, but was a more scientific approach than realism which is interested in cause and effect – both inherited and environmental Human psychology Has true view of the outside world but only focuses on what’s going on the inside even though characters come and go How to cite How might ‘Naturlism’ be defined within theatrical context, Papers

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The Big Secret free essay sample

Have you ever had a secret so huge and heart breaking? You lied about it to hide the truth from others, especially your parents. Some secrets can be painful or a surprise to others. I think my mom knew my secret but was in denial and was waiting for me to say it. Besides, since I thought she already knew I just ignored ever telling her until I left home for college. You want to know what my secret is. My secret is that I am a lesbian and have a girlfriend. The time I finally told my parents that I am a lesbian were when my girlfriend told her mom. It wasnt like I sat down and said Im gay. I waited and just told my mom that I have a girlfriend. Yes, she was disappointed. She was so mad and hurt that it even hurt me. During the months afterwards I felt bad when I told my mom that my girlfriend and I were going out because she didnt like it. We will write a custom essay sample on The Big Secret or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page In addition to that, I felt bad because I am my moms only child and she wants me to have kids and be married to a man. However, thats not what I want. I dont want to get married to a man and dont even know if I want to get married to a woman. Marriage itself is a huge step no matter what the gender is. I usually lied to them on where I w as going or doing because I felt like I already embarrassed them. Sometimes I feel like my grandma is ashamed of my being gay because she doesnt want me telling anyone in school or even our family. She says shes not ashamed but I doubt that at times. Its like shes embarrassed but I mean I dont blame her because its not something every parent wants. At one time their anger and pain got to the point where they made me take my orientation off on my myspace that said Lesbian. This might be funny or dumb to you and I know you are probably thinking, oh thats it. Well this wasnt an easy secret that my parents can forgive you for or leave it alone. Although I was scared to tell her that I am gay I am scared to tell her that I might want to adopt. Yes, my grandma is still praying for me to find a nice young man to get married to and give her great children. Telling them that Ive been thinking of adoption just might make the situation worse than what it is. Its already weird and awkward to talk to your parents about sex or being in a relationship. Now imagine trying to talk to them about a relationship where the other person is the same gender as you. From time to time grandma might bring up how GOD didnt make it for woman and woman to be together but I told her that I believe that GOD wants to be happy which I am. I do believe that it is possible for gay people to go to heaven. Now as time flew by my parents have tried to accept it but I understand it is hard for them. Grandma says I have changed since I dont talk to her about everything I do and she says that Im becoming grown. Telling her everything I do is asking for too much from me. I have to grow up but I dont plan on doing this too soon. I want to grow up being independent, achieving my goals, and learning new things every day. As for my grandfather, I havent told him and I dont think I ever will. I am terrified and scared that he might just stop talking to me. The other day he had said the reason why we moved out of Adams Morgan in DC was because of gay people. I do feel like I am a disappointment to my parents but I am always being known as the girl in the family who is bragged about. My parents brags to everyone how well I do in school, how I have traveled to England and France, how I am in the band, and how I have a car and job. I dont want them to do this too much because Im not the type of person that wants or needs everyones praise or boost. I am the type of person that follows my heart, and do what I say I am going to do or what I believe is right. Most of my family knows and really doesnt have a problem with it. They just tell me to be careful, or if its what I want, they are not mad. However as time flies, my parents have become a little easy on me with that heartbreaking secret I held for so lon g. Now they just accept it, but from time to time my mom still brings up the question of if she will ever become a grandmother. I am happy that I told them because it was the responsible thing to do. Besides if you define gay, it will say happy and happy is something that I really am. Im happy I told them and Im happy of who and what I am.